7 Slashing Facts about Purrpspace: Your Exclusive Streetwear Obsession

Writer: Ibtissam El Azami - www.thetargetidea.com 

Purrpspace, a UK, 2020-born streetwear fashion brand, has seen its popularity boom from its first mockup ever posted on Instagram, to being spotted on the back of influencers across the world.

The London-based, black-owned streetwear fashion brand, following a yet unsurpassed vision tightly combining community and culture, is very much here to stay.

To retrace their fascinating background and history, here are 7 key facts about the fierce streetwear up-and-coming clothing brand that is about to become your latest fashion obsession.

Because when you go Purrp, there is no space to go back.

Purrpspace London UK Streetwear Fashion Brand

1.“Purrpspace started in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic”

Born in July 2020, the already established streetwear brand was born in an East London room. At the time, self-isolation was the norm and people started turning to shopping to evade their dreadful days. Purrpspace was born at just the right time, giving people the opportunity to have options and feel stylish, comfortable, and part of a community - even from home. From a line of T-shirts, Purrpspace has evolved in the blink of an eye to an extensive range of hoodies, T-shirts, joggers, and jackets to offer the complete Purrp look.

2.“Our current logo is not what it used to be”

“Our first logo of the spaceman was horrendous, really terrible. We worked on the logo, again and again, brainstorming to offer the best to our faithful customers.”

Purrpspace UK London Streetwear Fashion Brand

3.“We rebranded another brand we created back in 2014”

Purrpspace used to be called Legit, back in 2014.

“At the time, what was to become Purrpspace was just a bunch of kids obsessed with fashion, luxury, and streetwear alike already focusing on building a community. Little did we know that we would come to fill in a gap in the luxurious streetwear market.”

4. “Our first two T-shirts were 100% sustainable - and they’re not the last”

Purrpspace is very sensitive to fashion sustainability and the brand is striving to shape up environmental-friendly products day after day. 

“Our first two T-shirts were made in New Zealand with organic cotton, in the most sustainable way possible. To this day, our hoodies are also fully sustainable and we are working hard to combine the notions of environment and fashion - hopefully, the entire Purrpspace line will be 100% sustainable in the months to come.”

Purrpspace Streetwear Fashion Brand UK London

5. “Our second design only sold one item”

After the tremendous success of the Spaceman, Purrspace’s first design, selling just one item of the Purrp Flower design was scary. 

“As business owners, we saw our brainstorming and hard work on a second design going down the drain and started to question our offer. But we did not lose hope and most importantly, we did not give up.”

6. “Our instant success scared us - big time”

“Purrpspace was completely sold out before we even had the garments. All we had when we launched Purrpspace was an Instagram account with a mockup. We had neither a website nor the items for our first 20 orders, which happened almost overnight. That was scary.”

7. “80% of our traffic comes from across the pond”

Although going Purrp means going big in the UK, about 80% of the Purrpspace traffic still comes from the USA, Italy, France, Ireland, and Germany, where the brand is starting to get very big. The quality of the reviews and fabric attract more and more Purrpspacers all over the world.

8. “People are now asking for the Purrp Flower design”

One last fun fact - because you deserve to have more, every step of the Purrp-way: the same design that did not enchant the Purrp community, despite the simplicity and quality of the design… is now highly sought after. Dozens of messaging are now flowing in to ask the brand to bring back the Purrp Flower line, in its original, as well as other formats.

Purrpspace Fashion Luxury Streetwear Brand London UK

Big on the notion of community, Purrpspace is transparent and generous; focusing on offering people high-quality options of design and fabric in the large fashion market, and open to honest feedback and progress. “Making our Purrp community happy is what we strive for'', a spokesperson from Purrpspace said.

Pandemic-born, rebranded, redesigned, Purrspace is the very image of perseverance, creating fashionable, high-value clothes that people keep coming back for, and that attracts many an online celebrity.

Whatever comes next - and it is coming soon, Purrpspace will stay true to streetwear, and to themselves, fashioning up the world with their vision of luxury streetwear fashion for the years to come.